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Groei met taal: Alphabetize specialist

Groei met taal: specialist alfabetiseren

“Without vocabulary no language, without language no conversation”

Are you a language school with a group of students who are low-literate, otherwise-illiterate or illiterate and looking for a very enthusiastic teacher? Please contact me! Helping people with alphabetization often takes a lot of patience and there is not always a specialized teacher at every language school.
Groei met Taal is happy to help you with that. With great pleasure I look for the most optimal, creative ways to optimize my students results. I gives me great satisfaction to work with my students and I am proud and happy with every progress they make.

A glimpse of my teaching methods

The usual teaching material is based on certain themes. In addition to these themes, I would like to offer the otherwise-illiterate and low-literate students the opportunity to experience progress and success by:
  • Using language cards with preparatory assignments within the school, followed by extracurricular assignments.
  • Language in practice: I apply the learned words in practice with groups of students. For example: we go shopping together in for instance IKEA while we practice the "Home" theme.
  • We make music and songs together to better remember certain words.
  • I integrate learning words into actions. So through visualization, the meaning of the word becomes clearer. We learn by doing and stimulate multiple senses for optimal results.
  • In addition to existing methods, I develop additional teaching programs to achieve more teaching pleasure and a greater learning result.


Generally, method 7/43 is used for literacy. My experience is that this method is often not sufficient. That is why I have developed additional methods, such as "Out of school with 7/43". After each theme, this method offers extracurricular assignments that bring the practiced material into daily practice. This makes the lesson more fun and makes students remember the material better.

I have also developed an additional method with speaking exercises. This allows my students to make themselves understood more quickly, which not only takes them out of isolation, but also greatly improves their employability at various companies.

Buy or view my method "Outside the school with 7/43" (you will go to the Duch part of the site) or look at "Courses".

In addition to the above, I develop modules for the "Z-route". This relates to the new Civic Integration Act that links language acquisition to work or voluntary work. This law offers new opportunities for students and myself as a developer.

Are you interested and curious about the possibilities?

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