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Groei met taal is the company of Froukje Moritz in the region Haaglanden. I graduated from the PABO and have many years of experience as a teacher. I am also a certified NT2 teacher. I have a lot of experience in guiding people in their integration and in the process of acquiring and raising the Dutch language level of my students. Are you looking for an enthusiastic language teacher who believes with all her heart in "learning by doing"? And are you looking for a tailor-made language plan? Please contact me

A safe learning environment is very important. Only then you will be able to bring out the best in a student. Therefore the relationship I have with my students is very important.

Humor is a universal and connecting force. Integrating fun in learning a new language makes the lessons playful and makes learning fun.

Learn low educated people how to read, talk and write in Dutch is one of my strengths. In my approach, practice is the starting point. After all, you don't only learn language from a book. That is why I do a lot of exercises with my students. These exercises will take place in and outside the classroom. For example, after the theme “Groceries”, I go shopping with a group of students in the supermarket. After the theme “House” we go to "Ikea" and look and name the furniture.

I very much like to help you improve your Dutch language skills or those of your employees or students.

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