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Groei met Taal: Flexibel integration

Groei met taal: flexibele inburgering


Are you an employer and do you want to help your employees with their integration? Or do you need an upgrade of the Dutch language level within your company? Groei met Taal offers you the opportunity to have your employees follow Dutch language courses that are tailor-made for your company.

Kill two birds with one stone! Your employees are happy with the assistance in their integration process and you will be able to communicate better with them because of their improved Dutch language skills.

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Learning a new language and integrating at the same time is not easy. So please use the knowledge and experience of Groei met Taal. I know everything there is to know about the rules concerning integration and can offer you a Dutch language course that matches your wishes, your motivation and your level. Together with you, I will do everything I can to ensure your integration process is successful!

Online training

Groei met taal offers multiple online training courses.

Online individual assistance with integration

Are you looking for extra support or do you want a faster integration process? I offer private lessons or lessons in a small group. I connect to your level and the course schedules are in consultation.

Let's talk about the possibilities. During the free intake interview we discuss your initial situation and what you want to achieve. After the interview I will provide you with a a tailor-made plan to achieve the best possible results!

Online exam training

Are you already busy with the integration process and do you want to take your Dutch language exam quickly? Or do you want extra help with an exam that you have not yet passed? Please contact me. Together we will have a look at what you really need. For example: help with grammar, practice and feedback speaking skills and training with the various parts of the integration exam. I connect to your level and the course schedules are in consultation.

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